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Antennas & Accessories

Antennas & Accessories
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Antenna VHF Plug for Radio Connection - Male Connector

Male VHF antenna plug for radio connection, fitted with a reducing coupling for coax cable RG-58. Su..


Glomex Nylon Universal Mount

FEATURES:Nylon Universal Mount Universal mount reinforced nylon for GPS antennas onlyUsable wit..


Glomex PL259 Nickel Plated Connector For RG213U

FEATURES:Glomex PL259 Connector For RG213U Nickel plated PL259 Male connector ideal for us..


Shakespeare Plastic 22/25mm Rail Mount

FEATURES:Sturdy plastic rail mountAttaches to 22mm & 25mm horizontal rails, 1''-14 threadSlot ca..

Shakespeare Stainless Steel Ratchet Deck Mount -19%

Shakespeare Stainless Steel Ratchet Deck Mount

FEATURES:Stainless steel four-way swivel rachet mountStandard 1"-14 threadQuick release lever allows..

£63.00 £50.99

Supergain Ballade Analog/Digital TV Antenna

FEATURES:23,5 dB GainLow Noise FactorTV DVBT / TNT and HDTV AntennaIdeal for boats & RV’sDia: 70..