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Bushes & Bungs

Bushes & Bungs
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1/2" Deck and baitwell drain plug - Stainless steel plate with brass cam snap -50%

1/2" Deck and baitwell drain plug - Stainless steel plate with brass cam snap

1/2" drain plug with stainless steel plate and brass cam snap suitable for use as a deck drain plug ..

£4.99 £2.50

Drain Plug 35mm

35mm push-fit drain plug compatible with most 35mm drain sockets, i.e. XS / Wetline, Honwave, Quicks..


Drain Plug with Screwdriver Opening - AISI316 Stainless Steel

Drain plug with screwdriver opening, supplied completed with inner safety cable to prevent loss of d..


Drain Socket and Diaphragm 35mm

Self drainer sleeve only supplied with one-way valve. 35mm diameter. For compatible drain bung ..


Emergency Wooden Plug Set

Emergency wooden plug set of different of wooden conical plugs with different diameters and lengths...


Expandable Water Drain Plug 22.5mm

22.5mm plastic expandable water drain plug.Colour: Black..


Expandable Water Drain Plug 35mm

35mm plastic expanding drain plug.Colour: BlackUse product code 651 for compatible drain socket...


Expandable Water Drain Plug 40mm

40mm plastic expanding water drain plug...


RWO Bayonet Drain Bung and Socket [2pc]

RWO bayonet drain bung and socket with retainer to prevent loss of bung. ColourType   ..


RWO Bung and Socket 10mm [2pc]

RWO 10mm push-fit rubber bung and socket suitable for transom or buoyancy tank drains. ColourTy..


RWO Bung Only for R2060 [2pc]

RWO half-turn bayonet drain bung only to fit socket R2060. Fitted with retainer to prevent loss.Colo..


RWO Screw Bung, Socket and Seal

RWO screw thread bung, socket and seal fitted with retainer to prevent loss. ColourTypeAperture..