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Blue Gee Polyester Gelcoat Resin Kit - Clear - 1KG

Blue Gee polyester clear gelcoat resin, for use in moulds or for final finishing of laminates with t..


International Watertite Epoxy Filler - 250ml

International Watertite is a fast drying epoxy filler suitable for use on GRP, metals and rigid wood..


Star brite Epoxy Putty Stick - 113g

Easy to use, Star brite epoxy putty stick makes permanent and emergency repairs to fibreglass, wood,..

Teroson Up 150 Glass Fibre Filler - 332g Tin Out Of Stock

Teroson Up 150 Glass Fibre Filler - 332g Tin

Known as Plastic Padding Glass fibre filler, Teroson Up 150 is a blue/green colour unsaturated body ..


Teroson Up 610 Marine Filler - 341g Tin

Formerly known as Plastic Padding Marine filler, Teroson Up 610 is a white, unsaturated polyester-ba..


Teroson UP 620 Gelcoat Filler - 241g Tin

Known as Plastic Padding gelcoat filler, Teroson Up 620 gelcoat filler is a waterproof, white filler..


White Gelcoat Filler - 100g

A single part white gelcoat filler suitable for the restoring of surface damaged gelcoat; chipped or..