Expoxy Resins & Additives

Expoxy Resins & Additives
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Polyester Tangerine Coloured Pigment - 0.5kg

A tangerine polyester coloured pigment that can be added to resins and gelcoats to provide colour. N..


West System 101 Mini Epoxy Resin Repair Kit - 250g + 50g

West System 101 mini epoxy repair pack is a fast curing epoxy kit which contains a selected mix of m..


West System 104 Junior Epoxy Resin Pack - 600g

West System 104 junior pack is a 600 gram pack of West System epoxy resin 105/205, designed for smal..


West System 105 Resin - 1KG

West System 105 resin is a base material and when mixed with any of the West System hardeners it wil..


West System 105 Resin A Pack with 205 Fast Curing Hardener - 1KG + 0.2KG

West System 105 resin and 205 hardener is a fast curing epoxy pack that yields a high strength, rigi..


West System 105 Resin A Pack with 206 Slow Curing Hardener - 1KG + 0.2KG

West System 105 resin and 206 hardener slow curing epoxy pack yields a high strength, rigid solid st..


West System 205 Fast Curing Hardener - 0.2KG

West System 205 is a fast curing hardener suitable for use in low working temperatures (minimum 5°C)..


West System 403 Microfibres - 250gm

West System 403 microfibres; a blend of cellulose cotton fibres used as a thickening agent for bondi..


West System 404 High Density Filler - 250gm

West System 404 high density filler; designed to maximise bond strength in hard ware bonding where h..


West System 405 Filleting Blend - 250gm

West System 405 filleting blend consists of a mixture of cellulose fibres and other fibres for use i..


West System 406 Colloidal Silica - 250gm

West System 406 Colloidal Silica; a general purpose thickening additive suitable for bonding, gap-fi..


West System Glass Tape

A versatile glass tape ideal for the reinforcement of chines, hull / deck joints and similar structu..