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Boat Maintenance

Boat Maintenance
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Anti-Slip Tape

A very low profile, commercial quality, black grit non-slip tape with adhesive backing for rapid ins..


August Race Boat Bomb© - 160ml

An anti-mould air conditioner that is a highly effective automatic cabin treatment which helps to pr..


August Race Boat Wash Pro - 1 Litre

August Race Boat Wash Pro is a deep action, all over boat wash that it capable of removing most dirt..


August Race Bright Coat - 1 Litre

August Race Bright Coat is a high strength, fast acting, de-stainer for use on gelcoat that is capab..


August Race Liquid RIB & Inflatable Boat Cleaner - 1 Litre

August Race Liquid RIB is a fast acting boat cleaner suitable for use on both PVC and Hypalon tubes;..


August Race Liquid RIB UV Wax Protector - 1 Litre

August Race Liquid RIB UV inflatable boat and RIB tube conditioner with UV protection is spray appli..


August Race Smooth Opacity UV Wax Polish - 500ml

August Race Smooth Opacity UV wax is a deep-treatment fluid applied UV wax polish suitable for use o..


August Race Spot Off Mould Spot Remover - 500ml

August Race Spot Off is a mould spot remover which is low foaming and suitable for use on a variety ..


August Race Super Quick Shine - 1 Litre

August Race Super Quick Shine is a spray applied wax cleaner designed to clean and polish your boat ..


August Race Vinyl Bright - 1 Litre

August Race Vinyl Bright restores tired vinyl in one quick and easy step leaving boat seats and viny..


Captain Tolley Creeping Crack Cure - 60ml

Find and fix leaks easily with Captain Tolley's creeping crack cure; a unique capillary action for u..


Clear Double Sided Tape - 38mm x 10m

Wide and tough for a multitude of jobs, this thin film, double sided tape is mechanically unobtrusiv..

Dacron Wave Leech Tape - 3m x 75mm 3 - 5 Days

Dacron Wave Leech Tape - 3m x 75mm

A self adhesive Dacron cloth edging, that has been designed to be applied to the leech of the mainsa..


Duo-Clean RIB Cleaner - 1L

Polymarine Duo Clean RIB cleaner is an easy to use, biodegradable cleaner specifically formulated fo..


Farecla G3 Regular Grade Paste Compound - 1KG

FARECLA G3 is a regular grade paste compound designed to quickly remove P1500 abrasive marks from ge..