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D-Type Anchor - Galvanised Steel

A high holding power galvanised D-type anchor that features a unique shank profile and ballasted tip..


Galvanised Britany Crown Stock Anchor

The Britany anchor, also known as the Crown Stock, has an instant bite into the sea bed and to preve..


Galvanised Folding Grapnel Anchor

Galvanised folding grapnel anchor.Weight (KG)Product Code0.7FGA0.71.5FGA1.52.5FGA2.53.2FGA3.24.0FGA4..


Galvanised Trident Claw Anchor

The Trident anchor also known as the claw anchor, is very effective in a variety of sea beds; mud, s..


Plough SOC Anchor - Galvanised Steel

SOC plough anchor, available in hot dipped galvanised steel. Weight (KG)Maximum Boat Length (M)09.06..