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Horseshoe Buoy & Accessories

Horseshoe Buoy & Accessories
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Crewsaver Hamble Horseshoe Buoy Set -14%

Crewsaver Hamble Horseshoe Buoy Set

The Crewsaver Hamble horseshoe buoy, bracket and light set is one of the most compact lifebuoy sets ..

£65.00 £56.00
Crewsaver Horseshoe Buoy -21%

Crewsaver Horseshoe Buoy

Ideal for both yachts and motorboats, the horseshoe buoy is an essential piece of equipment in the e..

£33.00 £26.00
Crewsaver Rescue Line 20M -21%

Crewsaver Rescue Line 20M

The Crewsaver 20 metre rescue line is an essential piece of boat safety equipment that no boat shoul..

£33.00 £26.00
Crewsaver Throwing Strop 30m -20%

Crewsaver Throwing Strop 30m

Ensure a fast rescue of a man over board with just one piece of equipment. Crewsaver's throwing stro..

£49.99 £40.00

Lifebuoy Ring / Horseshoe Buoy Bracket - Stainless Steel

Stainless steel bracket for lifebuoy ring and horseshoe buoys, suitable for mounting on deck, on the..