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Crewsaver Coastal Flare Pack -24% In Stock

Crewsaver Coastal Flare Pack

The Crewsaver Coastal flare pack is a contains both long and short range flares designed to signal d..

£120.00 £91.50
Crewsaver Inshore Flare Pack -20% In Stock

Crewsaver Inshore Flare Pack

The Inshore flare pack is a compact, short range flare pack designed to signal distress in an emerge..

£65.00 £52.00
Crewsaver Offshore Flare Pack -18% In Stock

Crewsaver Offshore Flare Pack

The Crewsaver Offshore flare pack is a contains a comprehensive combination of propelled and handfla..

£235.00 £192.00
ODEO Distress Flare -39%

ODEO Distress Flare

Odeo stands for Omni Directional Electrical Optical signal and is an innovative replacement and enha..

£140.00 £85.00